Looking for an all-in-one business management application?

What is Odoo?

Odoo, previously known as OpenERP, is a modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application that delivers a wide range of operational and financial functionality.

Core modules include; Accounting & Finance, Sales Management, Inventory, Manufacturing, Projects, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Purchasing, Website, and Electronic Documents. In addition to the included modules within the Odoo Enterprise application the Odoo Apps Store offers many more 3rd party add-ons including web-theme skins, integrations and localisation enhancements.

The core foundation to Odoo delivers email management, workflow design, user security/permissions, notifications, access controls as well as a tool called Odoo Studio where users can edit and design screen layouts. Odoo can be deployed on either a cloud service or installed on local hardware.

Odoo capabilities by Industry

CRM – tracking leads & opportunities, next actions, lead sources…

Sales Management – from quotes to sales orders to invoices

Accounting & Finance – commission management, custom price-lists, margin reporting

Client Self Service – allow users to manage their own account details, lookup invoices

E-Commerce – enable clients to place orders and receive their special pricing

Online enquiry forms – automate enquiries to leads in the CRM and allocate to sales staff

Marketing Campaign Management – manage marketing as a project, allocate costs, track conversions

Project Tasks – Allocate and manage tasks under projects

Time-sheets – Have your staff enter time-sheets to projects/tasks and issues for improved costing and productivity tracking

Work in Progress – View progress against a job including % completeness

Project Planning – track capacities and due-by-dates, check for constraints

Project Accounting – track revenues and expenses by analytic account and view project as a P&L

Helpdesk – Allow clients to submit issues and allocate to support staff for management

Repairs & Maintenance – track assets, manage repairs, peform preventative maintenance…

Bill of Materials – track components (products/time/consumables) required within a build

Product & BOM Variants – manage product configuration options via multiple product variants including HTML colours

Engineering Change Orders – manage BOM revisions and versions including the release of new ECOs

Quality Checks – place checks within the manufacturing processes to ensure quality is maintained

MRP Reporting – view manufacturing planning orders in a comprehensive time and capacity grid view


Point of Sale – Retail transaction management including barcoding, laybys, loyalty and touch screen support

Field Sales – Remote quotes, remote orders, call cycle management, notifications, client pricelist etc..

Price-lists – Assign pricing rules and formulas to clients based on a range of criteria including quantity breaks, contract pricing, supplier discounts etc…

Shopping Carts – Allow clients (B2B and B2C) to order and transact directly with your business including integration to payment gateways

Web Quotes – Allow visitors to request quotes for your products and services and have these request automatically logged in your opportunities.

Client Self Service – Where clients can log into your website to view their quotes, orders, invoices, support tickets and tasks/issues

Back to Back Orders – Generate purchase orders on your suppliers as you receive orders from your clients.

Product Configurator – Allow visitors to configure custom products including variables such as measurements, colours and features.

Project Management – Manage projects, project timelines, research & development and project plans from one application

Service Management – Book services and link service delivery to calendars and underlying project tasks.

Human Resources Management – Manage all aspects of HR from recruitment to appraisals to performance management.

Time-sheets – Have your staff enter time-sheets against project tasks for improve productivity tracking.

Tasks – Assign tasks to staff members, track progress of completion, be notified of non-delivery and track estimated time to complete against actual completion time.

Project Funding – Create project budgets and manage the acquittals process against delivery of services.

Multiple Companies – Manage multiple companies including inter-company transactions and multiple chart of accounts.

Analytic Accounting – Produce cost-centre and project based profit and loss reports with transactions based on account and analytic tag.

Multiple Currencies – Manage multiple currencies and both supplier and vendor pricelists in different currencies.

Bank Integrations – Connect to all major banks for easier bank reconciliation and more streamlined accounting.

Accounting Reporting – Standard accounting reports with addition of management reports, ratios and analytic report views.

Payroll – Generate payroll entries from time-sheets – see Australian Payroll

Report Builder – Build your own pivot table data views and store them on your own private dashboard.

Warehouse Management – Management of multiple stock warehouses and stock locations with ability to transact stock moves.

Inventory Lots & Serialisation –  Track products by lots or serials numbers, auto generation of sequential serial numbers, expiry dates etc..

Barcoding – Assign manufacturer barcode or create your own barcode for the faster processing of stock moves.

Landed Costs Calculations – Assign and allocate landed costs across receivals via a range of methods.

Consignment Stock – Track stock in consignment locations, perform periodic reviews of inventory and manage replenishments.

Rolling Stock-takes – Record stock-counts on a period basis by a range of measures (eg. supplier, bin code location, stock category etc..)

Stock Valuation – Value stock by a range of methods including FIFO, LIFO and average costing.

Odoo addresses the following

Business Challenges

Odoo 10 Accounting overview

Odoo 10 Inventory overview

Odoo 10 Projects overview

Odoo Website Builder

Odoo 10 Manufacturing

Odoo 10 CRM overview