Benefits of integrated Business Management Apps

Benefits of integrated Business Management Apps

The days of having disparate applications running your business should be over. Today, tools such as Odoo can solve this problem by providing an environment where-by business apps all talk to each-other and do not require manual data handling or involve delays that arise from using separate systems.

The reason why having an integrated business management system is more important than ever is mainly due to the change in communication method with Internet related connectivity now being the norm. Much of the data coming into a business is from email, e-commerce or web based forms and should therefore be managed electronically and without manual intervention. In addition this electronic data requires business rules and processes to ensure that customer service is better than the competition and opportunities are not lost.

Key benefits of an integrated business management system are as follows…

– Reduced manual handling of data = less errors

– Divert your human resources from manual unproductive tasks to proactive sales-centric activities

– Have your sales-people with all of the knowledge they need to close more sales

– Save time (and labour costs)

– Reduce your reliance on spreadsheets for gluing software applications together

– Being able to produce key performance indicators (KPIs) on all aspects of your business mean that goals and targets can be set and progress monitored

– Integrated apps include¬†client ‘self-service’ capabilities that can help streamline business processes and customer service

– Integrated apps also enable ‘mobility’ for greater productivity


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