Cloud versus Onsite ERP

Cloud versus Onsite ERP

Business today is starting to move to the cloud and why wouldn’t they!? Workforces today are more mobile, accounting software vendors are moving from install to online services, internet connections are more reliable, and smart-phone/tablets are all the rage. Microsoft’s ® new 365 gives subscribers Office and email on the cloud.


However not all clouds have a silver lining, there are factors to consider including…


Cost – how much is the monthly cost and how does it compare to self hosting costs? This includes software subscription costs.


Performance – if most of your activity is within a local network you need to consider that you are relying on a reliable internet access to run your business


Security – having your data outside your network can open up security risk.


Existing hardware becoming redundant – How much have you spent on your existing server hardware?



At the end of the day it comes back to the requirements of the business and both cloud or onsite may make more sense to each subject to business needs.


With regards to Odoo, our initial preference is to install onsite. There are several reasons for this, first is performance (subject to having required hardware and environments), second is security and thirdly, Odoo has a relatively small hardware requirement so it can be run on a low spec server. For users it is a matter of psychology and they feel more secure knowing their valuable business data is located on premise (and backed up!) – especially when they may have invested in custom modules.