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Odoo is a comprehensive opensource enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to turns your accounting software into a business management system. Odoo consists of a series of base apps (accounting, CRM, projects/job costing, human resources, warehouse management, manufacturing, sales & purchasing) and offers a wide range of additional industry and country specific apps for greater functionality.

We follow a standard implementation process whereby we…

  1. Determine required Odoo modules & standard configurations
  2. Deploy Odoo with ‘out of the box’ configurations
  3. Conduct a Gap Analysis to determine requirements not met (if any)
  4. Provide Training & User Engagement
  5. Deploy Developments and Enhancements (if required)
  6. Assist with Go-live
  7. Provide on-going Support & Upgrades

Custom ERP Solutions

Are you after a specific solution that you cannot find in existing software applications? Or do you have an exact process that you want to replicate in an operational system?

Odoo is an ideal framework for custom developed business applications due to the fact that it contains an open database that accommodates financial and operational data management requirements. In addition the existing workflow and business process engine can be applied meaning that it is not a complete write of an app. Also, being open source means that we can enhance and customise existing module components to meet the requirements of the client. Integrations can be configured back to core accounting systems or ERPs, to other database applications, or managed within the Odoo environment (accounting, CRM, projects, warehouse, sales etc…).

Are you stuck on the Odoo demo?

If you have trialled Odoo and are having trouble getting past the demo and evaluation stage to the application and deployment stage then you are not alone – and we can help.

Many users we come across require just that little bit a guidance and help to get them over the line with Odoo and we appreciate that it is a steep learning curve, in fact we are learning every day about new capabilities of the system. Feel free to contact us if you require some help.

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