Custom business apps

Custom business apps

If your business processes require manual data entry or double/triple handling of data then you should consider addressing this either with an existing application or having a custom business application developed around your requirements. Custom business apps that we develop use Odoo as the foundation however the interface is based around the end-user and kept as simple as possible with design for fast entry or data viewing.

Part of the problem today is that there is just too much data available from a range of systems and it is now as case of making the data available more meaningful. A proper business app will integrate with other data sources which in turn reduce the need for data management in spreadsheets or manual data entry.

An example of a business app that we have developed in the past was a test management tool for an engineering firm that provides testing services. However these tests need to be managed in a complex hierarchy and have conditions applied to ensure that all scenarios for testing are conducted in the appropriate order and in the case of delays that the missed tests are given priority. Further more the test results required both reporting capabilities as well as notifications. This solution was developed using Odoo Projects module and the user interface customised to enable quick entry of test results on tablet device in the field.

At the end of the day it is about reducing administrative effort (and cost), making staff more productive and improving client service.

If you have a custom requirement that you would like to put into a business app then please contact us to discuss. In many cases we can accommodate requirements using existing functionality available and applying minor modifications.