Having Suppliers bid for your PO…

Having Suppliers bid for your PO…

The Odoo RFQ (request for quotation) feature allows users to send out notifications and requests to suppliers for the quote for a listed order. It is in effect a pro-forma purchase order where the supplier responds with a price, the user compares the submissions and selects – when this happens the successful bidder receives the purchase order.

Information sent to the supplier includes;

  • Company details (standard)
  • Delivery details
  • Date required
  • Product details – code, description, quantity req’d
  • Notes

Standard terms and conditions can also be applied either as an attached PDF or in the notes as a link.

The best usage for this is for orders that would be supplied by a single supplier otherwise and would also need to be of sufficient quantity to make it worthwhile for the supplier to respond to. If a wide selection of products are listed then it would become messy and you may have to look at splitting orders. It is also advisable to only apply to competitive products so that suppliers are bidding competitively, not  just entering their standard price-list.