Odoo 9 Enterprise explained…

Odoo 9 Enterprise explained…

Odoo 9 has been split into two versions, 9 Community is the free open source application that offers 80% of the functionality whereas 9 Enterprise delivers an improved user interface along with . . .

Accounting – Improved integration with banks with extraction of statements, dynamic reporting, cash & accrual support, payment follow-ups tool and an improved user interface.

Electronic documents/forms with signature capture – this is where you load a PDF, overlay fields (name, email, signature, input etc…), assign field to customer, employee or user and then publish or email for completion.

Barcode Support / Warehouse Management System – this includes DHL/Fedex/UPS support and improved tracking of stock in and out of stock locations.

Subscriptions – for improvement management of recurring invoices, subscription user management (portal) and invoicing.

VOIP integration – where Odoo connects to your voice-over-IP phone system and opens appropriate accounts when calls are incoming or allows users to dial external contacts from within Odoo.

Project Forecasts & Planning & Timsheet app – allowing users to view a Gantt chart with % overlays to view the progress of the task completion. In addition a new Chrome/Android/iOS app is available for the remote entry of time-sheets to tasks/projects.

Appraisals – using the survey modules the HR Appraisals feature manages appraisal form completion including completion by peers, results analysis and reporting.

Marketing templates – this includes marketing campaigns as well as standard form templates across other modules (eg. overdue notification email). The marketing newsletter form is also an improvement with integration to other related web-based modules such as Events and E-commerce.

Customer Portal – where customers can log in and manage their own account, cancel subscriptions and view Odoo chatter etc..

Standard Enterprise Features – migration to newer versions, bug fixes, hosting option…


Please contact us for a demonstration of Odoo 9 Community and Enterprise, it is certainly worth comparing the two.