Odoo Email Integration options…

Odoo Email Integration options…

Odoo offers a range of email integration options and this post is a quick summary of the available options.

1) Google Gmail – this integration is in-built and does not require configuration. Ideal for small to medium businesses not using a email management tool such as Exchange.

2) Email Gateway settings –

  • simple to implement
  • used for notification purposes
  • one-way communication

3) Email Gateway + Fetch Mail

  • notification using gateway
  • receive email in generic email box
  • create records in Odoo based on the email (eg. leads)

4) Outlook Plug-ins

  • a way to attach email to Odoo directly from Outlook
  • no need to log into Odoo to attach an email
  • not currently maintained or supported in Odoo v8

5) Catch All @

  • requires advanced configuration of mailserver
  • attaching email is done automatically
  • two-way communication


If you require any assistance with Odoo email configuration, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.