Project Stage Validations

Project Stage Validations

Within Odoo Projects each task within a stage can have a green, red and grey light attributed with custom descriptions for the validation of each stage. This in turn can be configured so that the task cannot be moved to the next stage without validation and the act of validating a task can only be performed by a certain user.



A practical example of how this could be applied is for a ‘quality control’ stage to be applied to a project where before a task can be moved to the next level a manager is required to confirm that the task has been performed and work checked.

Another advantage of this is that it can also highlight delays and bottlenecks in projects where a report can be run to show all tasks that have been delayed or unable to progress. This view could also be setup to show the amount of time delayed by in ascending order.

This same principle of stage validation can be applied to other aspects of Odoo including Sales/CRM and manufacturing.

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