Reduce admin with self service

Reduce admin with self service

The Odoo Client Self Service feature is a very useful tool that enables clients to log in to your website and view quotes, orders, subscriptions and invoices as well as change details. What this means is that instead of the client emailing or calling your office they can quickly log in 24 hours a day and check the status of transactions.

Odoo Client Self Service

They can also change account details…

Odoo Change Contact Details

The above screenshot is customisable in the Odoo Web Editor.

This is especially handy when you may have one client that has multiple contacts and as with any company staff come and go, so they can quickly update contacts remotely including email and company name.

The client self service forms a part of the Odoo web modules, which include e-commerce, events, subscriptions, quotes, recruitment and various other modules. To enable this you need Odoo Enterprise version and to set up your domain settings.

Please contact us for a live demonstration of this feature.

Also note that Odoo has a module called ‘website form builder‘ and this is where you can create custom forms and link the fields to either existing fields (email, address etc..) or to custom free-form data that is attached to the data entry form (eg. notes for delivery).