Setting goals and targets

Setting goals and targets

Did you know that in Odoo you can set goals and targets to staff members? What better way to improve productivity than to be able to define criteria based around roles that is measured and reported. Setting goals and targets is a means of motivation as well as performance management and the results can be published in a leader-board and/or individuals notified via alerts of their progress to date.

Typically sales-people are the easiest to track as their direct measurement is amount of sales (or margin on sales) over a given period of time (usually a month). However Odoo enables users to set other types of performance measurement including ratios of days sales outstanding (for an accounts receivable staff member), time to respond to tickets (for a support person) and time from order processing to dispatch for warehouse employees.

Better still, rewards can be generated to give staff that feeling of accomplishment.

To create a goal or target first you need to enable the ’employee directory’ and ‘gamification’ modules. Then you go to the employee directory app and under the ‘challenges’ tab create your rules. ¬†From here you assign who you want to assign the challenge to, the goals criteria (target amounts, timing…), the reward and other details such as reporting and notifications. Challenges can have start and end dates applied or can be ongoing.


From here the selected employees to which the challenge has been assigned will be notified of progress (completeness of challenge) and also be able to view challenge history and awards received.

Please contact us for a demonstration of this feature or to discuss your requirements around performance measurement and reporting.