What happened to OpenERP?

What happened to OpenERP?

What happened to OpenERP? Within the last year, the management team of OpenERP decided to change its name to Odoo. The reason being was due to the fact that the new version 8 release was much more than ‘ERP’ – Odoo¬†v8¬†includes advanced web functionality including;

  • website builder
  • improved e-commerce
  • blog
  • content management system
  • integrated events
  • web-based quotes

There are additional enhancements with Odoo v8, especially around the interface and features. New features include gamification where goals and targets can be set to individuals or teams and awards issued on completion. Odoo v8 has tighter integration with a range of Google tools and applications and also has a cleaner screen layout.

Whilst we still support our OpenERP users and even still release enhancements to OpenERP v7, we are slowly transitioning over to Odoo v8 and the decision is based on user requirements. What Odoo v8 users may find when comparing to OpenERP v7 when evaluating is that there are not as many available apps and the reason for this is because Odoo are in the process of changing the way apps are released to the community and will be bringing in an Odoo Apps Store in the near future. Having endorsed apps will hopefully prevent the situation of having apps released that are only 80% complete where the user has to go back to the developer to get the complete working app.

Please contact us with any queries you may have around OpenERP or Odoo.