What to expect in Odoo v12…

What to expect in Odoo v12…

Having just viewed an Odoo Partner Presentation from head office we can say that Odoo version 12 is going to be a major new release with many improvements.

Here is a summary of what you can expect to find in the new version…

  1. IoT Box – An IoT (Internet of Things) is a data input box that can be deployed within an operational environment (eg. manufacturing routing steps) to update data to Odoo work orders and other similar actions.
  2. Report Designer (Odoo Studio) – For some time designing reports such as Invoices and Purchases Orders has required much effort and programming, this improvement is going to save many users and partners much valuable time!
  3. Dashboards like Google Analytics – Google Analytics dashboards are very intuitive and easy to manage with features such as quick filters and drill in to detail.
  4. New Barcode UI – This improvement should improve the stock flow in and out of an Inventory based business.
  5. Customer Success CRM – Not quite sure what this feature is going to deliver (sorry)
  6. Multi-Website – This is a major improvement and allows for a multi-company user to publish multiple websites (one per entity) without extensive nginx configurations
  7. Website Bootstrap 4 – This improvement is a new default web theme
  8. Fast and Easy Import – We are expecting this to be an improvement to the mapping of data loads
  9. Better Project Planning – Sorry, no details on this one yet, however project planning is a common requirement we encounter, so good to see they have addressed.
  10. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Tools – From the presentation provided the example given was an OCR situation where a user scans a document and Odoo reads, interprets and then posts to relevant Odoo fields within an entry.
  11. Sections on Sales Orders – Not quite sure on this one either, could be a couple of things
  12. Performance Boost – Most likely related to improving the speed & performance of Odoo!
  13. More localisations – Will not have an impact on Australian users however there was mention of localisations for the Chinese and Japanese versions including improved translations.


Sorry, there is no mention of expected date of release. Reality is that it would be either around the Odoo Experience time (early October) or later in the year.

There was mention of some pending releases on v11 for new tools such as Pay per Lead tool within the CRM where business users can order and pay for leads for their CRM.

Stay tuned for more updates and please feel free to contact us with any queries or feedback.