Why should you have a SSL certificate on your Odoo website….

Why should you have a SSL certificate on your Odoo website….

A SSL certificate involves the application of additional layers of security to an existing website.

There are four key reasons as to why you should have an SSL certificate on your Odoo website…

REASON ONE – Protection from Hackers

In addition to encrypting sensitive data, a SSL certificate provides authentication to your site. This presents phishing attacks and other threats to your online business.

REASON TWO – Boost search engine ranking

A web URL that starts with a secure HTTPS protocol gains a ranking advantage in search engines.

REASON THREE – Google approved

Effective July 2018, Google will be flagging websites without SSL. This means that websites who fail to secure an SSL certificate will experience a decline in search rankings as well as a drop in visitor conversions.

REASON FOUR – Build trust

Customers are becoming more aware of online security. The lock icon or green bar lets your visitors know that their connection is secured.


If you have any queries about SSL for your Odoo website, please contact the support team at Ioppolo & Associates – www.ioppolo.com.au